This major update releases more data, corrects errors in older data version, and is thus incompatible with v1.x.x.

Major change:

  • Stem-level raw data (e.g., diameter) from the novel forest study is now available as novelforest_data, and replaces the older data which is summarised to the plot level. This will be part of our continual effort to make data open and results reproducible. Come back later for more staged releases!
  • Removed an unused plot that was irrelevant to the original study design.

Minor change:

  • Removed unintentional attributes in the novelforest_data data.frame
  • CRAN release on 18 Feb 2021
  • CRAN revision: took large model object out and make it downloadable with the new download_model() function instead.
  • Checks and first submission to CRAN.
  • Add backtransform() function to backtransform the predictors in the dataset to their original scales.
  • Initial pre-release with the final draft of the manuscript (DOI pending).