The raw data used in Lai et al. (2021), also comprised part of the data in Neo et al. (2017).



A data.frame containing the following variables:


Name of forest patch


Name of forest plot within patch


Unique stem identifier


Species name following Chong et al. (2011)


Indicator column denoting whether a stem is the main trunk (=1) of an individual tree, or otherwise (=0)


Diameter-at-breast-height (cm) measured in year 2011.

See Lai et al. (2021) for more details on data collection.


Chong, K. Y., Tan, H. T. W. and Corlett, R. T. (2011). A summary of the total vascular plant flora of Singapore. Gardens' Bulletin Singapore, 63, 197-204.

Lai, H.R., Tan, G.S.Y., Neo, L., Kee, C.Y., Yee, A.T.K., Tan, H.T.W. and Chong, K.Y. (2021) Decoupled responses of native and exotic tree diversities to distance from old-growth forest and soil phosphorous in novel secondary forests. Applied Vegetation Science, 24, e12548. doi:10.1111/avsc.12548

Neo, L., Yee, A. T. K., Chong, K. Y., Kee, C. Y. and Tan, H. T. W. (2017). Vascular plant species richness and composition in two types of post-cultivation tropical secondary forest. Applied Vegetation Science, 20, 692-701. doi:10.1111/avsc.12322


# To access the dataset
#>   patch plot    UID            species stem dbh_2011
#> 1    AD  AD1 AD1T02 Hevea brasiliensis    1      6.5
#> 2    AD  AD1 AD1T04 Hevea brasiliensis    1      5.2
#> 3    AD  AD1 AD1T05 Hevea brasiliensis    1      5.5
#> 4    AD  AD1 AD1T06   Cinnamomum iners    1      6.8
#> 5    AD  AD1 AD1T07 Hevea brasiliensis    1      5.3
#> 6    AD  AD1 AD1T08 Hevea brasiliensis    1      8.2